Reason to implement
Reson to implement False Alarm System Reduce False Alarms up to 40%
FAMS™ client have seen a reduction in the number of false alarms of up to 40%.  FAMS™ is a proven solution, successfully deployed in many jurisdictions.  It easily installs and can be quickly configured to the specific requirements of your jurisdiction’s alarm ordinance. [Read customer successes]
Return on No Investment

The FAMS™ business model requires no investment by the agency.  PMAM is paid from the revenue generated by more efficient alarm registration and code enforcement capabilities.  The agency receives additional financial benefits from the elimination of current costs to perform those same services, and from the more effective use of public safety officers and equipment.

A Turnkey Solution

PMAM offers FAMS™ as a turnkey solution.  All technology and services required to meet every project goal are provided.  The solution can be implemented quickly and easily, with no disruption to current systems before switchover. 

The system is administered by PMAM employees in Dallas, Texas.  Customer support representatives are assigned to client agency and receive detailed training on the unique aspects of their agency’s alarm ordinance and enforcement processes.

Application Support and Upgrades

FAMS™ continues to improve by offering more functionality and better performance using best practices learned from our management of many alarm ordinances.  Clients receive all upgrades at no cost.

The solution resides on powerful Microsoft-based information architecture.  PMAM is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with access to our partner’s substantial engineering and product support resources.  

Customized Enforcement of Alarm Ordinances

FAMS™ provides complete flexibility and configurability to fully adapt to each agency’s specific alarm ordinance.  Dedicated PMAM customer support representatives are fully trained on those ordinances as well to respond with expert guidance to citizens’ requests.  Public safety officers are empowered to enforce the ordinance at the scene of the initial call with confidence that all system information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

The net result is fewer false alarms and more officer time dedicated to crime prevention.

Satisfied Citizens

The local business community and residents feel safer as officer response times shorten.  The ease and convenience of FAMS™ online interface appeals to alarm owners who can manage all aspects of their compliance through the system and receive instant response to their inquiries.

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